Breast Cancer Surgery

Our practice’s primary focus is on the surgical treatment of breast cancer. The surgical treatment of breast cancer has changed drastically over the past fifty years.

We offer the most up-to date surgical advancements, including oncoplastic techniques to facilitate a better cosmetic result. Dr. McFaddin routinely performs nerve blocks to decrease postoperative discomfort. We utilize ultrasound, both in the office and in the operating room, to assist with localizing tumors. This decreases the need for a preoperative wire or radar chip localization. Sentinel lymph node biopsies are commonly performed, to decrease postoperative discomfort and morbidity.

With breast conservation therapy, we offer the opportunity for accelerated partial breast irradiation. This provides targeted therapy and less time undergoing radiation, with the same long-term results in fighting the cancer.
Our breast cancer cases are routinely discussed at our weekly Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Conference. In this setting, input is provided by medical and radiation oncologists, other surgeons, pathologists, and diagnostic radiologists. This provides the highest quality care.

Breast Cancer Resources